Club Balonmano Granollers - BMG (Spain - Líder del Projecte)

Founded in 1944, i a reference of handball in Spain not only for its large number of championships won through its more that 70 years of history, but its commitment to work in the promotion of the sport in the city through the transmission of certain values essential for the well development of sportsmen and sportswomen.

Its handball academy that actually is formed by 325 players, is the main source of talents that feeds its two main teams participant at the Spanish top level leagues, male and female category.

The club also promotes handball through the organization of some tournaments and other events during the year: “La jornada de Mini-Handbol”, municipal schools’ tournament “Coaliment” and the “Granollers Cup”, that lasts year edition gathered more than 4.000 athletes from 18 countries all over the world.

During the last years, the club has started collaborating with some educational institutions and companies aiming to improve the combination between sports career, education and the entry at the labor market for players from the club.