Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences – AUAS (the Netherlands)

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, it is a reference in the development flexible study possibilities for elite athletes or athletes with especial requirements. In 1999, in cooperation with the renowned footballer Johan Cruyff, AUAS founded the Johan Cruyff University (JCU) with the specific ambition of supporting the education of elite athletes. Over the year a vast amount of athletes have successfully completed their education whilst simultaneously developing successful sporting careers. At the 2012 London Olympic games, 26 athletes came from the JCU.

AUAS is co-founder of the Centre for Elite Sport and Education (CTO) in Amsterdam. In this CTO young and elite athletes train in centralised national programs around 30 hours a week. They do this in combination with their education as described above and most of them do this on both ends very successfully.

During 2015, with the collaboration with the European Union, AUAS conducted a research project on Dual Careers with the objective to develop the minimum requirements for implement a Dual Career within the EU. Actually AUAS is also involved in another Erasmus+ project on Dual Careers: “Innovative Clubs for Dual Careers (ICDC).