H4DC is ready to start!

In this last semester of 2017, the third Steering Committee of the Handball for Dual Careers (H4DC) project was held, this time in Amsterdam, host of  H4DC project partner Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) where main details were discussed in order to get everything ready for the star of the crucial phase of the project. The implementation.

During this last 2017, the model and programs for the three clubs are being designed and now is the time to test them during the whole 2018. This time, tutors and careers counselors from the three handball clubs joined the meeting and participated in specialized workshops which gave them specific knowledge and tools that will be essential for the good governance of the programs in each club.

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This was not the only H4DC activity on Amsterdam. AUAS organized an international seminar on dual careers which topic was: “How can sports clubs support a talent’s dual career?” Experts from leading organizations and sport talents explained how they support successful Dual Careers and which competences should the clubs and talents acquire in order to achieve the full potential both in sports and education. The seminar was also complemented with the organization of various workshops and talks of special guests, European leaders on the dual career matter as Red Bull Salzburg, VUB, Sporttop, EU Athletes and EHF (H4DC partner). This was the perfect occasion to present H4DC project which, AUAS’ researcher Stephan Hakkers outlined the main findings he obtained during his research, mainly analyzing the three handball clubs participating in the project, and explained which will be the next steps of this one, having an emphasis on the structure of the program and the key role that coaches and tutors will have at the time to guarantee a successful development of the activities and programs. With this event, and with the present of all representative of all partners of H4DC, the project was launched and it faces its main phase in 2018 that will startwith “Kick-off meetings” at the three handball clubs at the beginning of the year. 
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