Finishing first phase of H4DC project

Last week it was held the second part of the needs assessment of the three handball clubs participating in the H4DC project, studies led by Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) with the objective to know the clubs' structures and to see how different actors of these clubs are dealing with the balancing of sport competition and studies/work. As in the first part of the studies, some interviews to key groups were made in order to start defining the new athlete support model that this project aims to.

Last May 23th, it was held the needs assessment at French club FENIX Toulouse where first ream players, young players from their high performance center and club's managers could discuss about the issues about taking a dual career. At the end of the sessions, it was held a dual careers awareness raising session organized by the club with the collaboration of the AUAS.

Two days later, at Club Balonmano Granollers' facilities it was held various working groups with club's actors like first team players, young talents from 14 to 18 years old, coaches, coordinators, parents and former players. In those working groups some issues like future beyond handball and difficulties and requirements of a successful dual career program, among other topics. These groups were conducted by investigators from AUAS who had also the opportunity to interview Xavier Ginesta, from Univesitat de Vic, who could explain with more details the topic of dual careers from the educational institution perspective. At the end of the sessions, staff members of the H4DC project meet to discuss the first draft of the athlete's support model that it will be intended to be implemented at the Catalan club.


This second part of the needs assesments phase will conclude with the visit of AUAS at IK Sävehof (Sweden) during 12, 13 and 14 of June where also it will be organized an Awareness Raising Session. This event will state the finish of the first phase of the project. At the same dates, it will be held the second "Steering Committe" meeting with all project's partners and where second phase and next actions of H4DC will be defined and developed.