Handball for Dual Careers - 2018_en


January 2018
Granollers, Toulouse and Partille

Kick-Off Meetings

Presentation of the athlete supoort services that will be implemented at the three handball clubs as pilot programms. During a year and a helf, the clubs will test a structure and a methodology defined by AUAS and adapted to their particular needs. 

12th June 2018
Toulouse, France

4th Steering Committee

Fourth "Steering Committee" meeting at Club FENIX Toulouse facilities. Updates to implementation of the pilot programms of the athelte supoort services taking place at the three handball clubs. 

15th -16th December 2018
Paris, France

5th Steering Committee

Fifth "Steering Committee" meeting held in Paris for the celebration the Women's Europen Handball Championship, organized by project partner EHF. Planning last phases of the program implementation. H4DC was also a participant of the "Grassroots handball market /EHF CAN" where it could present their major findings and results of the first phase of the implementatio of the athlete support service in the three handball clubs.