"Players 2 Business" Activity - Granollers

23th January 2019

First meeting where sports talents, educative centers and private sector companies representative gather together in a same room to discuss about the combination of sport with education and the inserction to the labour market.

The activity is divided into two parts: The first one, some experts talk about dual careers topics regarding the employability of athletes, a former BMG player explains his experience on dual careers and the explanation of a success case of a BMG player working in a company. The second part of the activity, sports talents, university, and companies representatives are seated together in round tables to discuss their realities and opinions regarding the combination of sports with education and employment. 

Organizations Participants: Fraikin · KH Lloreda · PIMEC · VOTV · Estabanell Energia · Mútua del Carme · Hospital de Granollers · Inibsa · Ajuntament de Granollers · Gallo · Àgora · Caixa Bank · Universitat de Vic · TecnoCampus UPF · Universitat Pomeu Fabra · Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona · EPSI-UAB · Universitat de Barcelona · Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences · Educem · IES Carles Vallbona · Club Natació Banyoles · Club Balonmano Granollers





Hotel Granollers, Carrer Francesc Maciá 300, Granollers