"Handball 4 Dual Careers" Final Conference

12th June 2019

Final conference of the "Handball 4 Dual Careers" project with the presentation of the final conclusions based on the experience gained and the presentation of the "Transferability Plan" with a collection of guides and suggestions for the introduction of a support model for the Dual Careers for any sports club in Europe.

The Final Conference of the "Handball 4 Dual Careers" project is born with the idea of ​​promoting awareness of knowledge, experiences, and opinions regarding the different fields related to the different situations faced by athletes when combining sports practice with the pursuit of an academic career and the subsequent insertion into the labor market.

Aligned with the objective of the "Handball 4 Dual Carers" project to design and test an innovative sports support service model set up by the same sports clubs, the conference will be a space where different presentations, talks and workshops will be held for professionals and experts in the different areas that the project has worked: Integration of a support model for the sportsman in clubs, relationship with internal agents and external to clubs, promotion of the benefits of a dual career ...

Throughout the day, there will also be the participation of numerous participants in the pilot tests of the project where they will share their experiences and knowledge that they have been able to acquire during this two and a half years that the project has lasted. Among these participants, you can listen to the voices of sportsmen, relatives, coaches, tutors, professionals, leaders of clubs and federations, educational centers, businessmen and relatives.

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Below is a list of the different organizations and experts in the field of dual careers that have confirmed their participation in the day through various talks, workshops and presentations regarding their different fields of expertise and knowledge : (More confirmations in the next days)

  • Bogdan Wenta. Former handball player and current mayor of Kielce (Poland). Poland
  • Tjeerd Leeuw. Project Manager Dual Careers "De SportMaatschappij". The Netherlands
  • Carlos Prieto. Former handball player and current employer and "EHF lecturer". Spain
  • Dr.Stefan Walzel. German Sports University in Cologne. Germany
  • Bojana Jelicic. Psychologist mr.sc. Expert member of EHF Scientific Network. Serbia
  • Jordi Pinsach. Sports Psychologist. Spain
  • CAR Sant Cugat. High-performance center. Spain
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. University. Spain
  • Club Natació Banyoles. Sports club. Spain
  • Athletic Terrassa HC. Sports club. Spain
  • IES Carles Vallbona. Secondary school. Spain
  • KH-Lloreda. Private sector company. Spain
  • Club BM.Granollers. Handball club. Spain
  • Club FENIX Toulouse. Handball club. France
  • IK Sävehof. Handball club. Sweden
  • European Handball Federation. Sports Federation. Austria
  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. University. The Netherlands.
  • FESI. European Federation of sports companies. Belgium


  • "Personal experience of transition after a sports career. Presentation of the" Share & Play "project, education as a great future investment for young people". Carlos Prieto. Former elite handball player, founder of "Share & Play", EHF lecturer.
  • "Management of different situations arising from participation in the service of support for the athlete. Detect moments of conflict and know how to solve them by giving our most appropriate support." The interactive workshop recommended to tutors, coaches, club executives and family of sportsmen. Jordi Pinsach. Sports psychologist of the BM.Granollers.


To finish the activity, a table of the final debate will be organized with the presence of all the speakers and participants in the day with the aim of discussing and commenting on the different opinions and points of view of how to continue promoting the Development of new sports support programs for dual cares.

Download here the full program of the final conference.

* For all the attendants and participants, Lunch will be available. Please confirm when you register for the conference.

** All attendees will have at their disposal a certificate of participation in the Final Conference to be used as a proof of absence at school or work.  

For any questions or concerns regarding the holding of the conference, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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