Exchange Mobility: BM.Granollers visiting FENIX Toulouse

10th - 15th Setember 2018

Sports talents from BM.Granollers visit Club FENIX Toulouse in France. 

Among the activities that participated during those days: 

  • Visit to the "Université Paul Sabatier" with a presentation of the "Elite Athlete Service (Département du Sport de Haut-Niveau)"
  • Visit to CREPS Toulouse, high performace center.
  • Sports talents meeting. Share experiences about dual careers (diferences between french and spanish system). Talks with Arnau García and Ferran Solé, former players fo BMG and actual from FENIX Toulouse
  • Toulouse Football Club center visit.
  • 3 trainings
  • 1 friendly game FENIX vs BMG.
  • FENIX Toulouse - Chambery game asssitance (First french handball league)
  • Visit at "Cite de l’Espace"

Toulouse, France