Handball for Dual Careers

Know about the project


H4DC managers talk about the program implementation


Beginning the 2019, marks the first year of implementation of the athlete support service program at handball clubs BM.Granollers, Club FENIX Toulouse, and IK Sävehof and its monitoring and evaluation of academic partner Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. During this year a set of roles, profiles, processes, and activities are being organized for testing the methodology that AUAS defined for the three clubs... Seguir llegint...

BM.Granollers - TecnoCampus, first agreement though H4DC project.


Mataró-based university "TecnoCampus" and handball club BM.Granollers, recently signed a collaboration agreement between the two institutions, setting the first agreement signed within H4DC's framework. By this collaboration, BMG athletes will have the opportunity to get education scolarships that will help them on combinig their educational programs with the practice of high-level sport. Seguir llegint...

H4DC Academy: Athlete suport service pilot program


The H4DC project started with the mission to design an innovative athlete support service which could bring together different actors that may complement their efforts in order to improve the dual career management of high-level sport talents. Sport talents, parents, coaches, clubs, school representatives, universities, and companies had been investigated in order to understand particular needs and visions to create... Seguir llegint...

H4DC is ready to start!


In this last semester of 2017, the third Steering Committee of the Handball for Dual Careers (H4DC) project was held, this time in Amsterdam, host of  H4DC project partner Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) where main details were discussed in order to get everything ready for the star of the crucial phase of the project. The implementation. Seguir llegint...

Finalized the first round of mobility exchanges of the three H4DC clubs


During the last months, and with the aim of exchanging knowledge of practices for the best combination of an educational/work life with high level sport practice, players and coaches of the three handball clubs participating in the H4DC project have traveled to visit their homonyms to learn and know first-hand the facilities, services and the different options offered to solve... Seguir llegint...


Club Balonmano Granollers - BMG Club Fenix Toulouse - TOU IK Sävehof – IKS European Handball Federation - EHF Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences – AUAS Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry – FESI Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union